White Label | Rainbow Crush

Total Cannabinoids: 91.13%

THC: 78.87%

CBD: 0.16%

Main Terps: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Humulene


Fruity with a floral after taste. It stuck with me a bit, which was nice. I really enjoyed the mix of flavors dabbing this gave. 


I didn’t necessarily feel glued to the couch from this extract, but more comfortable yet extremely awake. It made for a perfect gaming 710 sesh. 

All in All

I Highly Recomend This Dab

CBDiscovery | Blue Magoo x Pearl OG

CBDiscovery Infused pre roll – Blue Magoo x Pearl OG

THC: 304.74

CBD: 0.72 mg

The label says ‘Extremely High Potency. Not for beginners.’ and it should be heeded.

We found it to be a very smooth flavorful smoke that burned evenly, which can be difficult to find with infused pre-rolls. We did need to put the last third into a bowl to finish the rest off as the oil made it difficult to draw on, but it was totally worth it.

Very nice effect and most definitely not for beginners.

CBDiscovery | Banana Punch

2.53% CBG
3.10% Terps

Super good flavor on this one. Definitely banana! And the high has a nice heavy body high with that CBG in it. Still very heady though!

Packaging could be glass instead of plastic
It would be nice to see which terpenes are in there and not just the percentage 

Sugar crumble, very soft not too sticky, maybe a little dry

Bananas. Definitely floral and sweet with a little bit of some hops or weed flavor

Overall very flavorful, and just a great high for CBDiscovery. They usually do a pretty good job. I’m pretty impressed

I’d recommend this flavor to anyone who likes sweet floral flavors

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