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Product: Drop Science – Shorties 1g Full Spectrum C02 Vape Cartridge

Strain Information: Forum GSC (Indica)

THC: 71.2 % 

CBD: 0.20 %

Budtender’s Review: Nug-run, single source, full spectrum C02 cartridge. No additives & no fake terpenes. Tasted sweet and hoppy with a hint of pepper.  Smooth hitting cartridge. Overall nice high but not very heavy. They include a optional “strain sticker” with the package so you can differentiate your strains if you have multiple. I would consider this a top shelf cartridge. I definitely enjoyed this one.  

Strain Review: Chem Sour Blueberry Snow

Chem Sour Blueberry Snow by Chronic Cultures
Sativa Dominant Hybrid (60% Sativa 40% Indica)
A cross of Chemdawg/Sour Diesel/Blueberry/Oregon Snow

Budtender’s Review
As soon these buddlets dropped, I knew I had to try them.
When I opened the container of this strain, the diesel smell hit me hard followed by a hint of blueberry. It was absolutely mouthwatering!
The first hit I took was a doozy, the sour diesel taste was strong but not as sour as I was expecting. The blueberry comes in as a sweet aftertaste making you crave blueberry muffins afterwards.
This strain felt like the best of both worlds. as soon as I exhaled I felt an extreme sense of Euphoria yet also extremely relaxed. After 3 bowls of this I felt like I was exploring another world picking blueberries. It was perfect for a long gaming adventure!
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originally written by Paige Spencer, posted by VW

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